Flight Club Stories

What’s your Story?

Flight Club Stories are the highlights of your games, videos, photos and final leaderboard scores, emailed to you the day after your booking.

Relive the memories, share the wins and losses. Put your phone down, because we’ll capture everything for you in your group’s personal Story.

Whether you’re competitive or not, your Story is unique to your experience. You pick the content and choose who sees it. If you love photos, great! We can help you take plenty. More of a fan of videos and gifs? We’ve got you covered too. Simply hit the loopcam button and record your own short video. Or if you just want the proof that you won, we’ll send you the ultimate bragging rights, the leaderboard never lies after all.

If you’d rather keep your Story private, that’s absolutely fine; each group receives a unique link. If you choose not to use your Story after 28 days, we’ll delete the content.

Book your next trip to Flight Club to make your own Story.

Flight Club Stories Flight Club Stories Flight Club Stories