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We have answered some of the commonly
asked questions here. If you have any further
questions email

What is an oche?

Rhymes with ‘hockey’, it’s your space
from the throw line to the dartboard;
as well as your own seating area, where
you’ll drink, eat and get your game on!

Is there a dress code?

No – as long as you’re wearing clothes,
we don’t mind if you’re stepping up
to the oche in a suit or
joining us in your jeans.

Can we wear fancy dress?

Yes. Unicorns, Del Boy, bananas – we’ve
seen it all at Flight Club!
We only ask that your outfit is
not offensive or a
health and safety risk.

Do you have a cloakroom?

No, but fear not! Throughout Flight Club
and each oche we have coat hooks and areas
to pop your bags, so there will be
plenty of space to settle in
and make yourself at home.

Is there disabled access?

Yes – we have disabled access in both venues
but we’d only recommend Flight Club Shoreditch
for guests who require wheelchair access.
If you have a disabled guest in your party
please let us know, and we’ll arrange the best
oche for everyone to make the most of the event.

Are you open for lunch?

Yes! We’re open Monday – Friday, 12pm – 3pm
with a tasty lunch menu. From mouth-watering
mac and cheese to a refreshing range of salads,
there’s something for your whole group
to get stuck into.

Do I need to book to play Social Darts?

We’d always recommend booking. During peak hours,
we ask for a minimum of 6 people or more.
However, we do keep a Social Roll-Up oche free
for walk in groups of all sizes – if you just pop
your name down with reception when you arrive
and they’ll put you on the next available slot.

How long is the waiting time for
walk-in Social Darts slots?

The waiting time can vary depending
on how busy we are but there’s plenty of space
in both of our venues to grab a drink and a bite to eat
while you wait. If you speak with our reception team
when you arrive, they’ll be happy to advise
you on the current waiting time.

Why can’t I book for a group of
less than 6 people?

Our oches are designed for groups of
12+ people – the bigger the group, the better the experience!
During our busiest times, we ask for a minimum of 6 people
to get as many people stepping into the oche as possible
and to keep up the great atmosphere that makes
Social Darts so awesome! If you’re in a
smaller group, you’re more than welcome
to book during off peak hours or
to pop along and put your name down for
our Social Roll-Up oche.

Can I bring my own darts?

Sadly not, only Flight Club Darts can be used.
We have the World’s first and only darts vision system
which can only detect our darts. We also insist
on one set for health and safety reasons.
We have to look after our guests.

Are children allowed in the venue?

Children are welcome in both of our venues
before 5pm if you’re just popping in for a bite to
eat in the bar areas. For health and safety
reasons, players must be at least 18 to be
in the oche playing areas.

What time should we arrive for our booking?

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes
before your slot so we can get you set up and
playing as soon as possible. Of course, you’re
more than welcome to relax with a drink in
one our beautiful bars beforehand.

Can we stay in the venue once
our booking has finished?

Yes, of course! There’s plenty of space in both of
our venues for you to carry on the party. If you’re a
large group and you’d like to stick around,
give our team a heads up when you
step into the oche.

Can we eat and play at the same time?

Yes, as well as individual plates to tease your taste buds,
we’ve got sliders, pizza, fries and sharing plates.
It’s the perfect social food created so that
you can dig in as you play.

Do you show live sports?

No – we don’t show live sports in our venues.
We like to save our competition for the oche!

Where is my data being stored?

All video content is stored privately on Vimeo and all photos are stored on our secure servers.

How will you use my data?

We only use the data to build the Story for your own use.  We won’t share it with any third parties and it will auto-deleted if not accessed within 28 days.  Please see our privacy and cookie policy for more information.

Can I delete my Story?

If you said ‘Yes’ to Stories and have since changed your mind simply drop us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll delete this from our system within 24 hours.

Can I delete a particular Photo/Video?

Unfortunately, we can’t edit your Story.  We can delete the Story entirely if requested.

I’ve accessed my Story but I want it deleted, how can I delete it?

Please contact [email protected] with your booking reference or the link to your Story and we will delete it within 24 hours.

Does everybody have to agree to the privacy policy to get a Story?

Yes, if even one person opts out, then no Story will be generated for that booking.

If only one of our friends does not agree to the privacy policy during our visit, but later changes their mind can our group receive our Story?

No, if the group has opted out from receiving a Story no data will be saved during your visit as per the privacy policy.

How will you use my data?

We only use the data to build the Story for your own use.  We won’t share it with any third parties and it will auto-deleted if not accessed within 28 days.  Please see our T&Cs on the Flight Club website for more info.

If one of our friends joins halfway through will they be in the Story?

If they select ‘Yes’ on the GDPR screen then yes, but if they select ‘No’ it will cancel the Story

I brought a friend that won’t be playing darts but will be with us at the oche for drinks. Do they have to agree to the privacy policy?

No, this falls under the same rules as the CCTV policy

If someone in our group shares a photo from our Story on Facebook can I ask you to remove it?

We cannot remove it from an individual’s social media account so you would need to request that from them directly

Can I get a Story if I play Social Roll-Up

Unfortunately not. As this is not an official booking, therefore we don’t have the necessary data to send to you

If we don’t agree to get a Story can we still save our action replays?

No, if the group has opted out from receiving a Story no data will be saved as per the privacy policy.

If I change my mind after requesting to delete my Story can I get it back?

No. Once the Story has been deleted, all is data destroyed and cannot be recovered.

We played 5 games but there are only 4 games in my Story?

We only include games that were completed in your Story. If your time at the oche ended before you finished your last game it will not have been included. Don’t worry, you will still be able to see your action replays from that game by going to the action replays filter in the menu.

I have an event with more than 1 oche/brunch booking, can I get a Story?

Unfortunately not yet, but we are working on it!

Can I have a drink/food at the bar but not play?

Yes! We have two bar areas to choose from,
plenty of seating inside and outside,
and an amazing food and drinks menu
for you to choose from.

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